Batarang Plugin Breaks my AnuglarJS Applications

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I first installed the Batarang plugin for Chrome a couple of years ago as a way to debug AngularJS apps. It worked great, and I never looked back–until recently, that is.  In the last few months, the plugin gradually stopped working, and then even more recently, it also started breaking any AngularJS applications I navigated to in Chrome.

Back in December of 2014, the author of Batarang asked for help from the community, saying “it’s clear to me that I haven’t given the time to Batarang that it deserves.” Unfortunately, it seems like this call for help hasn’t produced the desired effect because the latest update to Batarang was released a few days before that plea, with nothing new since.

Fortunately, a few people have forked the project and tried to keep it going. There are currently two versions of the plugin available, both of which seem to work equally well for me. If you’d like to try them, make sure to uninstall your current version of Batarang, then install one of these:

Let me know in the comments if you find any issues or differences between these two.

UPDATE: I installed the 2nd option listed above, which is just a snapshot of Batarang version 0.4.3, the last version that worked correctly.