Interactive Map: Active Conferences, User Groups, and Meetups

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With the shutdown of INETA North America coming later this year, I decided to start creating my own map of active conferences, user groups, and meetups. I planned to eventually add event dates, speaker deadlines, and other data for my own reference. However, after starting the map, I thought maybe I should share it publicly in case anyone else would also find it useful.

You can try it out below (version 0.1):

Red = Conference; Green = Meetup / User Group

At this point, it’s far, far, far from complete, but I plan to keep plugging away at it gradually until that’s not the case. I also thought you, the larger tech community, could help me crowd-source the effort. With that in mind, I’ve provided a simple way for you to provide updates if you’d like to contribute:

Suggest an Event

If there’s enough interest to warrant it, I’ll set this up on a new website instead of hosting it in this blog post and start working on better features like searching by date and location. If you think this is useful, please help me spread the word by sharing this with your friends and followers. You can also comment below to let me know what you think.