Consulting Services

Software Architecture and Development

Creating excellent software can be difficult. J.’s experience creating enterprise-grade applications using today’s most advanced technologies will help your organizations on the path toward software success.

Web Development

J. has a passion for building amazing web applications to help clients connect to their customers, extend their capabilities, and enable better decisions. When off-the-shelf software won’t cut it, J. can help your businesses create custom tools that will do virtually anything you need them to do. He brings experience in front-end JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 development as well as integration with back-end services, such as RESTful web services.

Windows Development

Interested in building classic a Windows using WinForms or WPF? Or maybe you’d like to get into the Windows 10 store with a universal app. Whatever the technology, J’. can help you create a Windows-based application that fits your needs. J.’s experience covers:

  • WPF
  • WinFoms
  • Windows 10 Store Apps
  • Windows 10 Universal Apps
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Profiling and Optimization
  • Legacy Windows application support and development

Mobile Development

Need a mobile app that integrates with a larger, enterprise solution? J. can help you create a powerful and flexible app on any mobile platform. J.’s experience covers the following:

  • Native iOS Development
  • HTML5 Hybrid Mobile Development with Cordova
  • Native Windows 10 Mobile Development
  • Cross-Platform Xamarin Development

Cloud Development

Not every application is right for the cloud. J. can help you identify areas in your applications where the cloud would be a valuable and appropriate resource. He can help you create a plan or migrating existing systems into the cloud, estimate the cost savings involved, and train you in proper use and maintenance of your cloud resources.

Database Modeling and Development

Business applications are build on top of data, which makes the way you store your data very important. J. brings many years of experience modeling data and understanding the relationships found in complex business situations. When you require a in-depth understanding of your business along with sophisticated and scalable databases that model those relationships, you need someone with J.’s experience to help you along the way. J.’s experience covers database architecture, data modeling, ETL, conversion and migration from legacy repositories, as well as developing custom solutions with RDBMS or NoSQL.